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Queen Elizabeth death: No selfies with coffin, airport-style security check | Rules for final respects


  • Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96
  • Her coffin will rest on a raised platform in Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament
  • Thousands lined roads and bridges as the queen’s coffin was carried across the Scottish countryside

Queen Elizabeth death: Locals and tourists wishing to pay their final respects to Queen Elizabeth II as she lies in state at the Houses of Parliament in London, need to follow certain rules and guidelines by the government. 

The funeral is scheduled to be held at 6:30 am on September 19 and until then, thousands are expected to want to pay tribute to the only monarch that many in the United Kingdom have ever known.

The closed coffin of the monarch who died Thursday at 96 will rest on a raised platform called a catafalque in Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament.

The rules were made public a day after thousands of people lined roads and bridges Sunday as a hearse carried the queen’s coffin across the Scottish countryside from her beloved Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh.

Queen Elizabeth final respects: Rules 

  • Mourners should be prepared for a long wait. They will need to stand for many hours, possibly overnight, with very little opportunity to sit down as the queue will be continuously moving
  • No one will be allowed to take a selfie with the coffin
  • People may face delays on public transport along with several road closures
  • Visitors will have to pass through airport-style security and can only bring one small bag with one zipper opening. Larger bags can be stowed at a special facility — but only if there is space available
  • People are advised to bring essentials for a potentially long wait exposed to whatever elements an early fall day in London can throw at them — an umbrella or sunscreen, a cell phone power bank and any needed medication
  • No food or liquids will be allowed past security screening at the Houses of Parliament
  • Other tributes – such as flowers, candles, toys or photographs will also not be allowed
  • People will be urged to ‘behave properly’ and respect the dignity of the event
  • Mourners will be urged to remain silent inside the Palace of Westminster
  • People must dress appropriately and turn off their mobile phones before going through security
  • Film, photograph, use of mobile phones or other handheld devices in the security search area or within the Palace of Westminster will not be allowed 
  • Light barbecues and any kind of fire will not be allowed
  • List of prohibited items includes fireworks, smoke canisters, flares, whistles, laser devices and other items that could be used to cause a disturbance as well as any banners, placards, flags, advertising or marketing messages
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