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Russia says US, NATO ‘main threats’ to national maritime security

The US’ “quest for the dominance” of world oceans and the expansion of NATO are the main threats to Russia’s national maritime security, according to the new Russian naval doctrine adopted on Sunday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Executive Order on Approving the Naval Doctrine of the Russian Federation and the Executive Order on Approving the Russian Navy Regulations earlier in the day before the central part of the Main Naval Parade, Xinhua news agency reported.

The 55-page doctrine said the main challenges and threats to Russia’s national security and sustainable development are “the strategic course of the US towards domination in the world oceans and its global influence on international processes”.

The “expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure to the Russian borders” and the “growing number of the bloc’s drills in areas adjacent to the country’s waters” are also listed as major threats to Russia’s national security.

Putin said in a speech during the parade that the doctrine openly outlines the boundaries and zones of Russia’s national interests.

The maritime doctrine update reflects changes in the geopolitical and military strategic situation in the world, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said at a maritime board meeting in May, according to a TASS report.

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