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Shafqat Ali, MP Brampton Centre, Announces Investment Of $790K To Address Health & Social Inequities In Ontario

Canada is one of the healthiest countries in the world, and everyone in Canada deserves opportunities to thrive and lead a healthy life. The Government of Canada is taking action to address systemic health challenges and barriers so that every individual has the resources and opportunities for health and wellbeing.

Health inequities are the systematic, unfair, and avoidable differences in health outcomes. Health inequities have long existed in Canada, but have become even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic disproportionately affected the mental and physical wellbeing of many groups in society, including Indigenous peoples, Black and racialized communities, as well as people from lower income households, children, youth, and seniors.

Today, Shafqat Ali, Member of Parliament for Brampton Centre, on behalf of the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Health, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health and to the Minister of Sport, Adam van Koeverden announced an investment of close to $790,000 through theĀ Intersectoral Action Fund (ISAF). This funding is helping five Ontario-based organizations to address some of the complex public health challenges that affect health equity and wellbeing.

Shafqat Ali, Member of Parliament for Brampton Centre

The Public Health Agency of Canada, through the ISAF, is funding projects across the country to improve the conditions for health and the systems and structures that shape them and to help everyone in Canada reach their full health potential.

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