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Sidhu Moosewala Shooters Told To Surrender By Goldy Brar, They Agreed Later Refused

Shooters Agreed To Surrender In Front Of Media During Encounter, Then Changed Plan: Punjab Police

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s two assailants, who were recently gunned down by the Punjab Police in an abandoned house close to India-Pakistan border, had one last time contacted Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar during the time of gunfight.

Notably it was Brar, a member of the Bishnoi gang, who had first claimed responsibility for Moosewala’s murder.

In a Facebook post, that is going viral on social media, gangster Brar called both slain shooters Jagroop Roopa and Manpreet Mannu as deadly lions who fought valiantly with the police force for over six hours.

“During the encounter, Jagroop Roopa called and told me that police had surrounded them from all sides. I told him to surrender and gave him assurance that I will get you freed but he said that they wished to show me their last performance,” Brar wrote in Punjabi.

He further wrote that those people who say that Sidhu Moosewala was killed by six men, “I wish to tell them there were six during Moosewala’s killing and there were a 1000 policemen against two.”

Sharpshooters Manpreet Manu and Jagdeep Rupa, believed to be members of the Jaggu Bhagwanpuria gang, which had allegedly provided sharpshooters to Bishnoi for Moosewala’s killing, were shot dead in an encounter with the Punjab Police near the India-Pakistan border in Amritsar district on July 21.

Brar, through a social media post, further said that he will help the families of both the deceased sharpshooters. “They have done a lot for me and I will always be ready to help them,” he wrote.

Moosewala, 28, one of the most famous Punjabi language singers of the current times, was shot dead on May 29 by six assailants who fired over 30 shots at him near Jawaharke village of the Mansa district in Punjab.

Sidhu was found soaked in his own blood on the driving seat of a Mahindra Thar SUV while two more occupants in the car, Sidhu’s friends, Gurwinder Singh and Gurpreet Singh also received bullet injuries, but they survived.

Of the six shooters, the Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested three — Priyavrat, Kashish and Ankit alias Chhota while the Punjab Police have gunned down two — Manpreet Manu and Jagdeep Rupa. One sharpshooter is still at large and sources in the Special Cell say that stringent efforts are on to nab him.

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