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Stebin Ben’s ‘Kaabil’ featuring Pratik Sehajpal, Delbar Arya is about love and betrayal

Mumbai, April 4: The song ‘Kaabil’ which features ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Runner-up Pratik Sehajpal and actress Delbar Arya was unveiled on Thursday.

Delbar Arya shared that the song shed light on the harsh realities of betrayal and the dynamics of modern love.

The song has been crooned by Stebin Ben. The music video of the song showcases the lead pair deeply in love, only for their relationship to be shattered when Delbar cheats on Pratik with another man.

However, the cycle of betrayal continues as Delbar finds herself cheated by another man as well.

Talking about the song, Delbar Arya said: “We wanted to capture the essence of modern relationships, where trust is fragile, and love often comes with a price. Through our song, Kaabil we aim to shed light on the harsh realities of betrayal and the raw reality of today’s generation’s love life, and I am sure this song will surely remind you of the person with whom you have ever been cheated.”

She continued: “Stebin’s voice is surely adding a more touch to this heartbreak anthem. The entire team has worked very hard to deliver this song and I hope that the song gets appreciated and loved by everyone.”

Sharing her experience of working with Pratik, she said: ” We shot this song in Sweden. I had a great time shooting with him. He is a gem of a person, kind, and a dear friend now. I hope our chemistry is visible in our song.”

Pratik Sehajpal also expresses admiration for his co-star, Delbar Arya, stating: “I loved working with Delbar. She’s hardworking and sweet and an amazing actress. We had a great time shooting together. I used to chidaoo her on set also, we had a lot of fun.”

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