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Strategic Advisory Group releases operational plans for a welcoming and safe downtown Guelph

The Council-endorsed Strategic Advisory Group on downtown Guelph, a subcommittee of the Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness and Community Safety, has released the first iteration of the operational plans, laying out potential tasks and solutions to keep downtown welcoming and safe.

The operational plans provide a high-level, tactical roadmap to achieving the objectives of the six priority areas. The priorities are:

  1. accelerating permanent supportive housing;
  2. expanding daytime and overnight services and facilities;
  3. enhancing safety;
  4. strengthening resilience and prevention;
  5. making service changes for acute needs and;
  6. advocating for policy and system change (including funding from upper levels of government).

The operational plans will further guide the Advisory Group in developing detailed activities and tasks which will be shared with the public at every step of the way. You can read the operational plans and more information about the Advisory Group, including meeting summaries and the membership list, at guelph.ca.

The Advisory Group is co-chaired by Mayor Cam Guthrie and Guelph Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Shakiba Shayani and is comprised of community leaders including Guelph’s Member of Parliament Lloyd Longfield, Member of Provincial Parliament Mike Schreiner, Chief of Police Gord Cobey, directors of front-line service agencies, and staff from the County of Wellington.

“The Advisory Group remains focused on tangible actions to address the issues facing people our downtown core. We’ll keep City Council, other levels of government, and the community updated on plans to unite around these stated short, medium, and long term steps, and our progress,” said Mayor Guthrie.

Added Shakiba Shayani, “Navigating the many systems of services, government jurisdictions and folks tasked to intervene on the issues we’re discussing has been a challenge. I will continue to support the group and help hold us accountable for as long it takes to create better outcomes for everyone.”

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