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The Living with Wellness Festival commences with a strong message on “Wellness For All”

The Living with Wellness Festival effectively extended a platform with a strong message to Canadians
on “Wellness For All” from Mississauga in times of Post Covid-19 pandemic. The two-day Living with
Wellness Festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and a huge participation from the local &
international community. June 18-19 weekend from the Celebration Square and Living Arts Centre,
Mississauga ON highlighted a strong memorandum of Wellness for All around the globe. Many
thanks to local partners, stakeholders and sponsors for their support and active inputs. The
community including local performing artists, visual artists, health & wellness practitioners, and
volunteers made the festival even more vibrant and successful by their active participation from the
Celebration Square. Multiple print/electronic/digital media partners and community social media
platforms covered this lively event continuous across Canada to show their robust support to the

Living With Wellness Festival 2022 – Post event short Video link & Photo Links
The Living with Wellness Festival was not only unique experience by itself but also a need for the
community which brought in a huge and enthusiastic audience of 5000-5500 locals together during
the weekend. GTA participants collectively facilitated each other to spread the message of a
healthy lifestyles with recovery and practical options available to them after Covid-19 pandemic.
Their active participation exhibited their vigorous support towards mobilizing the economy,
endorsing small businesses, celebrating live arts, and inspiring the community towards a hands-on
wellness lifestyle to make a better society.
On June 18th the outdoor in-person festival assembled approximately 53 yoga,14 wellness and 16
community and cultural organizations who actively joined in live activities such as publicly guided
yoga, live art sessions and cultural dance and music performances from 300 local artists ending
with a vibrant Fashion Show with Pooja Batra as showstopper and live jazz music band and rock
The festival followed and respected health guidelines and promoted wellness also through digital
participation for Yoga Exercises, Information and Live Arts along with free wellness give always to
extend their strong support to the rich and break taking yoga, healing, meditation messages
especially from Brahmakumaris Sister Shivani and Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva live from India.
Mississauga City participated above and beyond towards locals and tourists, with safe, fun, free and
inclusive wellness activities for families and friends, or to meet other passionate practitioners of
yoga and fitness. June 19 extended a free in-person and live streamed sessions from the Living
Arts Centre by Wellness professionals and veterans focusing on several key areas of our lifestyle
that are considered dimensions of overall wellness including social connectedness, Yoga exercises,
Ayurveda life styles, Meditation, Nutrition, Sleep and mindfulness. By making simple and healthy
choices daily, how one can actively reduce stress, have positive social interactions, and achieve
optimal wellness.

The success of the Festival verifies that wellness is not a luxury, but a necessity to boost
Vitality, Serenity, Immunity, Resiliency and Solidarity. Thousands who participated felt engaged by
the expertise and passion of professionals Those less fortunate staying at home and were not able
to travel, curated through live digital telecast of yoga-fitness sessions, guided relaxations, live arts.
and immersive live telecasts and videos were posted live from the venue on their Facebook,
Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube links as well.
The Festival was organized by V Serve Canada with the support of the Consulate General of India,
Toronto, and the City of Mississauga. The event was envisioned by Executive Director Anu
Srivastava and accompanied by honored guest Consul General of India, Apoorva Srivastava and
Celebrity Pooja Batra.

V Serve Canada is a platform that promotes health and wellness to create an improved lifestyle;
social well-being through culture and heritage and initiates need-based local and international
programs for seniors, youth, and women in communities. V Serve Canada aims to be a high-level
Wellness Center of Excellence and spread healthy lifestyles and social well-being and
advancement in Canada. Anu Srivastava, Executive Director of V Serve Canada, is a well-known
community leader and the Founder/CEO ARRA Arts and Past Chair Panorama India. She was
instrumental in fundraising $14m of critical funds for local hospitals in Canada. She is a recipient of
Queen Diamond Jubilee Award; CIBC’s Midweek top ten South Asians in North America in the field
of Community Leadership; Top 20 South Asian Power List; Top Forty over Forty; Leading Women
Building Communities by Premier of Ontario; 2017 The A-List, Mississauga Credits Heritage
Chairman’s Award.

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