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The magic of Malvern continues

A beautiful, green, people-friendly new community will blossom and bloom.

For many years there was a lot to love about Malvern Town Centre. It’s been a great place to grab a bite, shop for groceries or find whatever you need for your home. And it’s always a good spot to meet friends for walks and chats. 

But what if Malvern Town Centre could become a true town centre with new parks, affordable housing, and community spaces, while still leaving room for retail? What if it could be even further enhanced to become an even more vibrant community, where you could live, raise your kids, entertain friends and family, shop, eat and have fun?

That’s exactly the vision Davpart is proposing for Malvern Town Centre. Prioritizing the people who make Malvern Town Centre a vital part of their lives is important to this premier development company. After all, people are the only reason to create a community, and so it must fulfill a wide range of needs.

Davpart is excited to share the vision with everyone who is already a fan of the current amenities at Malvern Town Centre: Their aspiration is to build a beautiful, inclusive and complete community, a marvelous place to live and visit.

For a smooth and harmonious transition, the plan is to proceed slowly, in 10 phases over a period of years. In Phase 1, which is expected to last from five to seven years, two new residential towers will be built in some of the parking areas of Malvern Town Centre. The mall itself will remain exactly as it currently is, unchanged during construction, for at least three years.  Area residents will be able to shop in the mall and/or new retail venues throughout the stages of the community’s progress. The Taibu Community Health Centre and Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy on the property will remain during the development of the initial phases.

The new buildings of 32 and 39 storeys will each be designed for sustainability and will include a vertical green wall consisting of living plants. A large new urban square will provide space for shoppers and people just wanting to take a stroll and enjoy the ambiance. The ground floors of the two buildings will offer a host of retail that will complement what is already inside the existing mall.

Landscaping, tree plantings, and greenery are a large part of the vision, to create a pleasant environment that everyone will appreciate. Four acres are dedicated to a central park, central plaza, play area, and trail that will double as an ice rink in the winter. All of this new green space will extend the current boundaries of McLevin Woods Park. For residents and neighbours, the bountiful parkland will provide many options for play, relaxation, and socializing, year round.

As for all the new residences planned for the 27.4-acre site, it’s a true mix. Not only will there be high-rise residential towers; there will also be mid-rise residences and walk-up townhomes.

Condominiums, condo rentals, and affordable housing will serve the needs of a diverse community – as well as help address the overall need for housing in the GTA. A welcome opportunity in the Malvern community.

Davpart’s purpose with all the care taken to plan a community around the needs of residents and neighbours is to foster a sense of connection and safety. The new tree-lined streets will be pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, with wider sidewalks. For transit riders, the transformation of Malvern Town Centre will come with easy access to an upcoming Eglinton East Light Rail Transit stop right at the corner.

Moving into the new housing will come with benefits as well: Living only steps from parkland, shops, food outlets, and transit, and 246,881.8 square feet of private resident amenities. 

But whether you live in the area around the new Malvern Town Centre or move into one of the upcoming condominiums, rentals or townhomes, you’re bound to feel a continued sense of pride to be part of this carefully considered, master-planned community.

Get ready to experience what it’s like to be part of something new and invigorating. Get ready to discover the new Malvern Town Centre – designed around your needs. Davpart has plans to connect with area residents, including setting up mall information booths and a website. Watch for details to come soon.

Proposed community highlights

  • Enhanced connectivity and safety
  • Better use of space
  • Improved aesthetics
  • An invigorating lifestyle
  • New additional retail
  • A new residential destination
  • Minimal disruption
  • Two striking residential towers
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