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Turban Of Sikh Commuter Knocked Off, OSGC Condemns ‘Hate-crime’

OSGC absolutely and strongly condemn the unfortunate incident that happened at Bloor and Yonge on the TTC Subway, A Sikh man was verbally abused and his turban which is a very important part of a Sikh was knocked off. It is continuing instances like these of visible minorities being targeted by people spreading hate which leads up to the assaults on those visibly different than the majority. Turban is an integral part of the Sikhs and presents an unique identity to who Sikhs are. TTC has failed in protecting its riders as this is in line with the continuous string of attacks on those riding the Subway, it has to end.
We request the authorities to investigate, arrest and bring the attacker to face the full force of the law as tough punishment for this type of crime should be set as a deterrent for any further attacks. This need to be addressed ASAP to restore confidence in the mind of the riders, especially religious minorities who become easy target.
We as Sikhs are being good citizens of Canada for the last 135 years and making contributions in every field. Something like this should never happen, the City and the Police should take responsible actions to make it very clear that something like this will never be tolerated in this country and in this great city. We are encouraged by the support in the media shown by Torontonians that has been voiced to condemn this tragic attack and it gives us hope that the good people of Toronto are with the community. Mayor John Tory has communicated his condemnation of the incident but the City has to take this as a wakeup call to do more to make the visible minorities safe and welcomed.
We at OSGC would like to take this opportunity to encourage the Sikh community to report these kinds of hate crimes which target their appearance, beliefs, their right to practice ones religion and challenge their just place in the communities they live in. Reporting brings awareness, gives opportunity to tackle it and give us data to address them at every level of the Government.
Please feel free to contact for any further information at 416 524 7330 or email
Thank you.
Manjit Singh Parmar
Secretary, Ontario Sikhs and Gurdwara Council

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