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Two youths burnt alive in Haryana: Rajasthan Police detain 6

Six persons have been detained and are being interrogated in the case of two persons who were kidnapped and then burnt alive in Haryana, Rajasthan Police officials confirmed. 

Police said that they will also probe the role of Haryana cops who allegedly bashed the victims as suspects in a cow smuggling case.

Although police officials remained tight-lipped in the matter of investigations, sources said that six persons are detained and are under intense interrogations.

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that Rajasthan Police manhandled the accused’s pregnant wife in Haryana due to which she suffered a miscarriage.

Shrikant’s mother alleged that 30-40 policemen entered her house to investigate Shrikant. When they were informed he was not in the house, they started beating family members and abused them. With constant beating, his wife had a pain and was rushed to hospital where she delivered a dead kid post surgery on February 18. Her kid died in the womb due to beating, said Shrikant’s mother.

However, Bharatpur SP Shyam Singh said that all such allegations are baseless.

“Our police team did not enter the house of Shrikant. In fact, it was the Haryana police team which went there. We are working together with Haryana Police and carrying out our activities,” he added. 

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