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Wet’n’Wild Toronto Prepping for 2024 Season

Looking for a summer job? There’s no better option working at the GTA’s largest waterpark!

BRAMPTON, ON. — Looking forward to a full and busy summer, the GTA’s largest waterpark, Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto, is hiring 500 people across all departments. It’s the perfect fit for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the few the warm summer months in Canada indoors.

Trade your part-time gig in a freezing cold, air-conditioned grocery store, factory, or mall to make money at a summer job that lets you spend the entire season exclusively outdoors, surrounded by new friends – poolside. Yes, this dream job exists and, to boot, the rewarding feeling of providing children and families with the experience of the summer leave with the sense of a job well done.

There are so many reasons why working at a water park is a great summer job for all and here are just a few of them:

Work as part of a fun team: Whether you’re guarding the water or flipping burgers in the snack shack – the opportunities for meeting new people of the same age and making new friends are endless. You could even make a new best friend for life or find ‘summer lovin’ while splashing around. Wet ‘n’ Wild even lets team members enjoy the park together in off hours and plans events just for the staff.

Making a difference: The feeling of going to work every day with the knowledge that you’re making a difference is rare to come by. Everyone at the park takes pride in contributing to summer memories of all patrons, from the little ones to those who are kids at heart. Everyday you’ll be able to leave the park with the satisfaction of contributing to someone’s memory that will last a lifetime.

VIP Snack Bar access: The snack game at Wet ‘n’ Wild could not be more on point and all team members get a staff discount. Working outside sure does work up an appetite but team members here will never go hungry.

Paid lifeguard training: Lifeguard training can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. Waterparks, like Wet ‘n’ Wild are all competing for the best candidates, so much so that if you’re a great fit with the right attitude they will pay for training. This can go on to benefit employees for years to come.

Clearly, there are few better options for financial independence this summer than working at Wet ‘n’ Wild. To top it all, this experience promises extensive training and the development of critical life skills.

Wet ‘n’ Wild is hiring for the following positions this year:

Lifeguards and slide dispatchers.
Admissions and guest service.
Food Service.
Park Services.
Security and access control.

All it takes to get started on this journey is to apply to Wet’n’Wild today! For more details on how, head to

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