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Who knows India better GenX or GenZ?

New revelations about GenX and GenZ’s knowledge of India are surprising. Through its light-hearted ‘India Quotient’ Phase 2 study across generations and genders, Club Mahindra, the flagship brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India ltd reveals that 63 per cent of GenZ admit that they dont know much about Indian history, culture, geography/destinations, nature, food, etc.

The study celebrates its 25 successful years as a leader in India’s vacation ownership segment. While Phase 1 of this study indicated 60 percent of respondents admitting to not knowing much about India, Phase 2 states that GenZ is most likely to accept their low ‘India Quotient’ than those over 45 years (comprising 58 per cent). Such low awareness, coupled with recent international travel restrictions has created a keen interest in exploring domestic destinations.

Across categories, it is lowest for GenX (55 per cent on geography, 56 per cent for art and culture, and 45 per cent for cuisine), but high for millennials and GenZ on geography; for millennials on cuisine; and for over 45 years on art and culture.

Although the overall Club Mahindra India Quotient remains relatively low for all categories, GenZ’s awareness remains highest (58 per cent) in geography when compared to all other age groups over 45 years at 57 percent, millennials at 57 per cent, and 55 percent for GenX. To illustrate further, 62 per cent of GenZ respondents are aware that any wildlife enthusiast visiting Gir forest would be most interested in spotting the Asiatic Lion, compared to only 59 per cent of GenX.

When it comes to food, 98 per cent of 18-34-year-old said that they discover new food or recipe ideas on social platforms[1]. A similar trend is observed in our research on Indian cuisine. Club Mahindra India Quotient is highest for millennials at 47 per cent and lowest at 45 per cent for GenX.

India is symbolized by the plurality of its culture where people across generations are familiar with its popular festivals, classical dances, historical monuments, and ethnic cuisines. When it comes to art and culture, we find those over 45 years knowing a little more than the other generations. The India Quotient in terms of art and culture for those over 45 (59 per cent) is higher than all other generations (58 per cent – millennials and GenZ, and 56 per cent – GenX).

Additionally, women’s India Quotient remains higher yet marginal than men’s in all three categories including geography, art, culture, as well as cuisine. While women’s India Quotient on geography is 57 per cent, it is 56 per cent for men. In art and culture, men stand at 57 per cent in comparison to women at 58 per cent; and in terms of their knowledge and awareness of cuisine, women fare at 46 per cent vis-a-vis men at 45 per cent. The difference in India’s Quotient between men and women is only 1 per cent.

Pratik Mazumder, Chief Marketing Officer, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, elaborated, “GenX is an essential part of the corporate workforce and is at the peak of their working careers. With growing professional stature, GenX are typically particular about what they wear, where they shop, or where they travel amongst others. They prefer quality over quantity and are willing to spend a lot on unique experiences[2]. However, due to their demanding and hectic lifestyles, their knowledge and awareness of our nation have dipped. Our Club Mahindra India Quotient study indicates that India Quotient is consistently the lowest for GenX compared to all other generations”.

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