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Witness calls Amber Heard ‘jealous and crazy’ before trial

A witness in Hollywood star Johnny Depp’s defamation case called actress Amber Heard “jealous and crazy” on Twitter before he appeared in court.

Morgan Night took to the stand when he confirmed that he wrote a critical tweet about the actress on April 21, reports

The motel owner took to Twitter in response to a post from an account called @ThatUmbrella.

The original tweet read: “Depp said she had ‘taken happy something.’ Deep is accused of ‘removing her hand and yelling at Amber’.”

In response, Night wrote on the micro-blogging platform: “That never happened. I was with them all night. Amber was the one acting all jealous and crazy.”

Night, who was called to the stand by Depp’s legal team, owned a luxury trailer park that the actor, Heard and their friends visited in 2013.

The actress previously alleged that her ex-husband grabbed a female friend of hers by the wrist at the Hicksville trailer park – but Night rubbished that claim, saying that he “never saw Depp get physical with anyone”.

Later, he recalled witnessing an argument between Depp and Heard.

He said: “She was upset at him and she was yelling at him … He was kind of cowering and seemed almost afraid, and it was really, like, odd to see because he was older than her obviously, but I just went back in the house.”

Night also caused laughter in the courtroom when he admitted he’s not a fan of the actor.

He was initially asked: “You are a pretty big fan of Johnny Depp, aren’t you?”

And in response, Night said: “I am not.”

Heard is counter-suing her ex-husband after Depp sued her for defamation over a 2018 article she wrote about being a victim of domestic abuse. The trial is set to conclude this week.

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