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Y Media Group Editor & CEO Yudhvir Jaswal awarded medals and trophies to Canadian winners of Summer Contests

Canadian Summer Contests – 2022 and the Student Celebration Event held on July 16th, 2022, were hugely successful!

The Competitive Kids STEM (CKSTEM) is pleased to announce the results of the 2022 Canadian Summer Contests, which were held in May and June of 2022. To provide a comprehensive range of STEM learning and enrichment, CKSTEM conducted the following three contests that included an additional component on public speaking & debate:

  • Canadian Math Summer Contest (CMSC)
  • Canadian Computing Summer Contest (CCSC)
  • Canadian Debate Summer Contest (CDSC)

These contests were conducted online and offered free of cost to all participants, transcending any physical, geographical, social, or economic barriers, including the global pandemic. Over 2500 students from 33 countries participated in these online contests. To offer a holistic experience, CKSTEM also provided participants with free training and learning material. Using these resources, students solved over one million problems on CKSTEM’s learning platform, demonstrating high interest and commitment. The contests were held over eight weeks and comprised two phases, resulting in more than 250 winners. CKSTEM will also continue to offer these free of cost to all the students over the coming years.

In its first-ever Celebration event, held on July 16th, 2022, at Century Garden Recreation Center, Brampton, Canadian winners from these Summer Contests and various other national/ international contests were recognized and awarded for their performance and efforts. The trifecta of Community leaders, industry experts and educators across GTA, with Mr. Yudhvir Jaswal, CEO & Group Editor of Y Media Group, as the Chief Guest, awarded custom-designed medals and trophies to these young talented winners. The event had over 300, including families who drove from various parts of Canada to participate in the celebration. 

Yudhvir Jaswal, CEO & Group Editor of Y Media Group

Thanks to CKSTEM’s partnership with Brilliant, winners of Canadian Summer Contests – 2022 will also receive a complimentary premium membership of brilliant courses that will further help them prepare for the upcoming school year and Canadian Summer Contests – 2023. CKSTEM is also offering a scholarship of up to 250$ to each winner. In addition, CKSTEM will also provide 100% scholarships for the CKSTEM year-long courses to one student each from Nigeria & Peru in support of STEM education in developing countries. 

In summary, CKSTEM is providing an excellent service to our community by offering awards worth over CAD 25,000 to young students and youth through these free contests, making them the most rewarding elementary and middle school contest in the world. Arnav Vunnam, a CMSC gold medalist, says, “This is one of the best competitions I have done this year. I loved the questions. I had a lot of fun solving these interesting questions.” 

Canadian Summer Contest – 2022 Winners: Mark Raspopov, Grade 5 and Ansh Agarwal, Grade 8 student and student, won Outstanding Student Awards for exemplary performance in the Elementary and Middle School category, respectively. For more information on all the winners in different grades, please visit www.ckstem.org.

This year CKSTEM also took an initiative to recognize teachers for their efforts in STEM. Thirty-three teachers were nominated by the students globally for the Outstanding STEM Teacher award. Ms. Cerasela Tesleanu, a math teacher at Collège Stanislas Montreal, won the outstanding STEM teacher award for her dedication to preparing talented students for the math Olympiad. In addition, five other teachers also won this award.

About the Competitive Kids STEM Organization (CKSTEM)

Based in Ontario, Canada, Competitive Kids STEM (CKSTEM) is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that enhances kids’ education by enabling them to achieve excellence. Their core value system consists of serving and giving back to the community while allowing learning opportunities for all students transcending all barriers. 

Their key focus is to make students “future-ready” by offering the best portfolio of global contests in STEM. Participating in competitions helps students develop invaluable skills, building their confidence and desire to excel, and helps prepare young learners to take on more significant challenges.

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