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“Y Media has more viewers in GTA than the CBC news has in all of Canada”: Pierre Poilievre – Y Media Exclusive Interview with the leader of official opposition Pierre Poilievre

Hello everyone, my name is Yudhvir Jaswal, I am the group editor of Y Media. Recently we saw the federal budget and to talk about this we have the leader of official opposition Pierre Poilievre with us. Sir a very warm welcome on Y Media.

Great to be with you Mr. Jaswal, Thanks for having me.

YJ – You saw the finance minister Chrystia Freeland presenting the federal liberals’ budget, so what’s your take on that?

PP – Well after 9 years Justin Trudeau has doubled our debt, doubled the average rent, doubled the average mortgage payment, doubled the needed down payment for a new home and yesterday he doubled down on all the costly mistakes that have made Canada unaffordable for the working-class people. And after 9 years of deficits and taxes Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost.

YJ – There is one word that we are listening a lot these days “productivity”. We need to increase the economy; we need to increase the productivity of Canada. So, do you think that this budget serves well to increase the productivity of Canada.

PP- No it will harm productivity. After 8 years we have some of the worst productivity or earnings per hour of any country in the OECD, Trudeau’s taxes on our entrepreneurs and workers have made us more unproductive and poorer and he has doubled housing costs and increased taxes on energy that means businesses can’t compete and more and more of our money is leaving to more competitive and affordable jurisdictions and so it’s time to fire costly Justin Trudeau and bring in a common sense plan to axe the carbon tax, lower income tax, deliver fast permits so that our businesses can dig mines, build pipelines, homes and other needed assets. That would be a common-sense plan to bring home productivity and pay check.

YJ: $53 Billion in new spending and the government is saying that lots of money going towards housing, affordability. Do you think the new spending and this budget will do something taking care of affordability or housing.

PP: WHO PAYS, who pays Mr Jaswal? Where are they getting the money. You pay, you will pay through higher mortgage rates as government deficits drive up interest payments, you will pay through higher gas, heat and grocery bills because of Trudeau’s carbon tax recently increased 23%. You pay through higher inflation on everything you buy, you pay higher taxes to fund the interest on the national debt now 54.1 billion dollar that’s more than we spend on health care so instead of using the money for doctors and nurses, you are paying wealthy bankers and bond holders. You pay, Justin Trudeau spends.

YJ: Almost $54 billion going annually towards interest payments so we are going to pay almost a billion dollar every week just for paying our interest but let’s quickly move into the next question – taxing the rich, taxing the wealthy Canadians, they pay their due fair shares seems like a nice fancy headline but do you think the new changes and the capital gains, this will serve the Canadians?

PP- That’s what’s going to happen. The wealthy won’t pay anything Mr Jaswal, they never do. They all stuck their money away in trust funds and foreign tax havens just like Justin Trudeau did when he inherited millions from his grandfather, he put it in a trust fund and tucked it away from the taxes just like the wealthy billionaires who host him on private islands they won’t pay anything, in the end who has paid for the last nine years? You have paid, through Trudeau doubling housing costs after promising to lower them. Taxes your food and your gas and heat after promising to help you. Justin Trudeau will pass the bill to welders and waitresses, seniors, single moms, and small businesses. They are always the ones who pay. Enough, he is not worth the cost, it’s time for a common-sense conservative government that will axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget, and stop the crime.

YJ – I want to take you back to 2015, in 2015 Justin Trudeau promised almost 10-billion-dollar annual deficits and we thought we are going to build some good infrastructure in Canada but my question is that after almost our debt has reached 1.2 trillion dollars from $600 billion in 2015 and what have we built, that’s my question – have we built any infrastructure?

PP – You have answered the question, we have built debt, he has added more debt in nine years than all the prior Prime Ministers combined in the previous 150 years and now we have the most indebted households in G7, so our families are going bankrupt. After 9 years of Justin Trudeau, he is not worth the debt, the cost, the inflation. It’s time to fire Trudeau in a carbon tax election and elect common sense conservatives who will axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget and stop the crime.

YJ: Let me ask you this, if you were the Prime Minister today and your finance minister had presented todays federal budget, what would you have done differently?

PP: If my finance minister presented this budget I would have fired them on spot. A common-sense dollar for dollar law, to fix the budget that would require me to find $1 of savings for every new dollar of spending. I would cut the waste like the $35 Billion infrastructure bank, the billion-dollar green fund, the $60 million arrive can app, I would have eliminated the deficit and the carbon tax, that would have been my common-sense approach to bring home lower prices for our workers, our entrepreneurs and our seniors.

YJ: I really talk about media but in the budget, I saw almost $42 million for CBC. We are already paying almost $1.3 billion last year to CBC and now another 42 million despite the bonuses for their executives and here we are, Y Media is the largest ethnic media in Canada and south Asian population is the largest ethnic population in Canada so what support do we get from the government or is it just lip service and CBC gets so much from the government and in this budget as well.

PP: I will be defunding the CBC, it’s a waste of money, nobody watches it. I mean you probably have more viewers in GTA than they have in all of Canada. Nobody watches CBC, they cost a billion dollars. If you ever want to get depressed, go to their headquarters, it’s a palace, it is like a 9 or 10 story palace on the primest real estate in the whole country. I am going to sell that off and turn it into housing and I am going to fire all of the bureaucrats and all of the wasteful overpaid underperforming so called journalists who are really just propaganda pamphleteers for Justin Trudeau. And as for support for independent media like yours, I am going to make sure you get all the support like everyone else and fair and equitable access to all government advertising.

YJ- Its always great talking to you, anything else you want to add before I let you go?

PP: Yes, look I know that life is terrible in Canada these days, everything costs more, housing costs have doubled, crime, chaos, drugs, disorder, stolen cars, this is life after 9 years of Trudeau, he can’t fix what he broke, he can’t solve the problems he caused. We need to fire Trudeau and the liberal NDP coalition and bring home a common-sense conservative government that will axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget, stop the crime. Only then we will have the Canada that we knew and still love where hard work pays of with powerful pay checks, that buy affordable foods and homes and safe neighbourhoods. That’s the hopeful future we have, let’s bring it home. Thank you so much!

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