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After Rashmika, Katrina’s hammam scene from ‘Tiger 3’ gets morphed using Deepfake

A day after actress Rashmika Mandanna strongly reacted against her Deepfake video, a new morphed picture of actress Katrina Kaif from ‘Tiger 3’ is now doing the rounds on social media.

The image, which is originally from the upcoming ‘Tiger 3’ movie, has been modified.

It is a scene from Katrina in a towel performing action stunts in a hammam. 

However, the deep fake image shows the same pose but with a different and altered outfit, which makes the image explicit.

Just a few days ago, a fake video of Rashmika went viral.

It showed her entering an elevator and sporting explicit clothes. However, it turned out to be a video of British-Indian influencer named Zara Patel and her face was altered with the ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ actress’ face.  

Deepfake AI is a type of artificial intelligence used to create convincing images, audio and video hoaxes.

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