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Balance: Canadians want more from their coffee, less toxic people and better nutrition in life

TORONTO, January 23, 2023 – As Canadians navigate the complexities of modern living, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly top of mind. Magnum Nutraceuticals, a leading Canadian health and wellness company, today unveiled findings from a nationwide survey – shedding light on Canadians’ attitudes towards essential habits and the priorities in their daily lives.

The Pulse: Canadians’ Mind, Body and Spirit, is a survey conducted by Magnum Nutraceuticals from a representative sample of 1,502 online Canadians who are members of the Angus Reid Forum. Of note, eight-in-10 Canadians (82%) agree that they should pay better attention to their nutrition intake. Additionally, a stunning 91 per cent feel they would benefit from getting more of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, but the same number (91%) also want it to be more convenient and easier to prepare.

Table: Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

Essential HabitTotalMaleFemale18-3435-5455+
I feel I could benefit from getting more nutrients found in fruits and vegetables91%90%92%92%91%90%
I feel I could benefit from more protein in my diet68%68%68%74%69%64%  
I want healthy food that is convenient and easy to prepare91%90%92%93%93%88%
I have never tried a greens powder or supplement69%73%65%65%63%77%
I should pay more attention to my nutrition and food intake82%83%82%84%85%80%
I wish my coffee had more nutrients in it44%43%44%50%45%39%
I would try a greens powder or supplement if it tasted good50%51%49%60%55%40%
Eating healthier is a priority to me89%86%91%87%89%90%
I will never give up my coffee64%67%62%55%67%68%

“The survey shows us that Canadians are seeking to improve their health within their busy lifestyle – more protein, more nutrients, and more convenience.” Said Bill Russell, CEO of Magnum Nutraceuticals. “There are tons of fads around supercharging your lifestyle, but the bottom line is that quality protein and essential nutrients are key to providing the body the basics required to function optimally. We listened and created two products to support this.”


Magnum Nutraceuticals has crafted two new products to answer the collective desire for easy and convenient nutrients.

Coffee lovers rejoice!  First-ever protein-for-hot-coffee

ÄRA’s innovative formulation is designed for hot coffee (and other hot beverages). Packed with 10g of clump-free, easy-mixing protein per serving, the convenient “sachet” and tub format is perfect for at home, at work or on-the-go.

“Canada’s culture is fueled by coffee and clearly we are not giving it up,” said Russell. “That was the driving force to create ÄRA – an easy way to sneak a little extra protein into our nation’s favourite beverage.” Russell added.  

Daily greens + superfoods supplement with taste guarantee

NEKTR is an easy, convenient solution to getting the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. Aiding 12 key functions including digestion, inflammation, blood pressure control and energy production, the flavourful powerhouse is the ultimate greens powder. There is an overabundance of greens products that taste awful. Magnum has created a money-back guarantee greens product that assures Canadians that if you don’t like the taste, you can get your money back. 

“After almost 20 years of working with elite athletes from all over the world, we’re launching a line of Essentials packed with easy, great-tasting and convenient nutrients for everyone,” said Russell. “We know that for people to reap the long-term health benefits of greens they need to taste great, or most people won’t keep drinking them.”


Besides food and nutrition, the survey puts a lens on how people prioritize a less toxic, healthier lifestyle focused on mental and physical wellbeing. Fittingly, 88 per cent of Canadians seek to avoid toxic people in their lives while 81 per cent seek to be nicer to people and 66 per cent seek to reduce time on social media.

Table: To what extent are the following habits a priority?

Essential HabitTotalMaleFemale18-3435-5455+
Getting my finances in order88%88%87%88%88%87%
Staying away from toxic people88%85%91%87%88%89%
Being nicer to people81%78%84%78%76%87%
Reducing time on social media66%65%67%70%64%65%
Reducing alcohol intake58%55%61%56%54%62%

“Canadians are seeking a healthier lifestyle, including a more balanced approach to what they eat as well as the people and elements they expose themselves to,” said Bill Russell, CEO of Magnum Nutraceuticals. “The evidence is compelling – a healthy lifestyle is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good, both mentally and physically.”

ÄRA and NEKTR are now available at

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