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Aid workers’ death: IDF chief apologises, says ‘misidentification’ led to mishap

Tel Aviv, April 4: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has apologised for the airstrike on an aid convoy in Gaza that led to the death of seven workers of World Control Kitchen (WCK).

In a statement late Tuesday, IDF chief Herzi Halevi said that seven employees of the World Central Kitchen were killed on Monday night. The mishap occurred due to “misidentification” and an investigation has been launched.

Halevi further said that WCK is an important organisation that worked in conflict areas and the IDF had worked closely with it in the past.

He also said that the IDF has already completed its preliminary probe into the strike and the findings were shared with him.

There were “no intentions” for harming the WCK aid workers, added the IDF chief.

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