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China, Pakistan, Iran hold 1st-ever anti-terror talks

China, Pakistan and Iran held their first counter-terrorism dialogue in Beijing in a move that suggests new alignments in the region, the Foreign Office in Islamabad confirmed.

The Office issued a statement confirming the first meeting of Pakistan-China-Iran Trilateral Consultation on counter terrorism and security was held at Directors General level on Tuesday in Beijing, reports The Express Tribune.

Abdul Hameed, Director General (Counter Terrorism), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan; Bai Tian, Director General of the Department of External Security Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China; and Seyed Rasoul Mosavi, Assistant to the Foreign Minister and Director General of South Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran; led their respective delegations.

The statement said the delegations held detailed discussions on the regional security situation, particularly the threat of terrorism faced by the region.

Based on the outcome of these consultations, they decided to institutionalise the Trilateral Consultations on counter terrorism and security for which further details will be worked out, The Express Tribune reported.

A separate statement issued by the Chinese foreign ministry also said that the three countries had “in-depth” exchanges on the regional counter-terrorism situation, and decided to hold the meeting on a regular basis.

The meeting is seen as new alignments in the region with China in the lead role. Beijing recently brokered a landmark deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran led to the restoration of diplomatic ties between the two countries, The Express Tribune reported.

Many observers believe that China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia to name a few are the natural allies as their interests are converging in the increasingly bipolar world.

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