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City of Brampton to open new regional Automated Speed Enforcement Camera Processing Centre to put the brakes on speeding

 The City of Brampton announced the purchase of a building to be used as a regional Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) Camera Processing Centre. The building will be located at 175 Sandalwood Parkway.

Currently, the City of Toronto operates a Joint Processing Centre with other municipalities including Brampton, where the City’s ASE camera images are processed on a cost recovery basis. Space, staffing and increasing demand limits the number of tickets being processed, meaning Brampton’s current deployment of 50 speed cameras, which is set to increase to 150 by July 1, 2024, are only able to operate at a fraction of their capacity, some as little as two hours a day, due to processing limitations. The new processing centre will improve the enforcement of penalties based on actual speeding violations, having a measurable impact on community and road safety for residents.

The new, fully staffed processing centre will allow the City of Brampton to process more images, help deter speeding, increase road safety, and generate increased penalty revenue. In addition, the new facility will operate as a regional Processing Centre to support other municipalities across Ontario.

The ASE Camera Processing Centre will be operational by the summer of 2024.


“The new regional ASE Camera Processing Facility is a strategic investment for the City of Brampton. The new facility will allow us to move the City’s ticket processing from Toronto to Brampton, creating local jobs and putting the brakes on speeding in school zones. This will generate more revenue that can be reinvested into our city’s infrastructure and community programs and help create a safer city for our residents by deterring speeding and increasing road safety. Data shows that with operational speed cameras, speeding dramatically decreases and driving patterns change.”

  • Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“Establishing an ASE Camera Processing Centre is a pivotal step for Brampton, not just in revenue generation for municipalities across Ontario, but also in fostering safer roads for Brampton residents. This centre demonstrates our commitment to enhancing public safety through enabling efficient traffic monitoring and ensuring compliance with traffic laws.”

  • Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5; Chair, Community Services, City of Brampton


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