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‘Direct talks, not unilateral recognition’: US on European countries recognising Palestinian statehood

Washington: The United States on Wednesday weighed in on the recognition of Palestine as an independent state by European countries amid the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, saying that a two-state solution for Palestine must come through direct talks and not “unilateral recognition”. This came after Norway, Ireland and Spain announced that they would formally recognise Palestine as an independent state, despite strong opposition from Israel.

Addressing the situation in a regular press briefing, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, “Each country is entitled to make its own determinations. But the US position on this is clear. President Biden… has been on the record supporting a two-state solution. He has been equally emphatic on the record that that two-state solution should be brought about through direct negotiations through the parties, not through unilateral recognition. That’s a principled position that we have held on a consistent basis.”



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