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Iran warns of using ‘weapons never deployed before’ as Israeli PM weigh response to missile and drone attack

Israel-Iran tensions: Despite the United States pressing hard to ease the tensions in the Middle East, a top Iranian official has now threatened to use weapons which have not been used until now. The latest statement pointed Tehran could use tactical weapons, which are considered “mini” nuclear against Israel.

While speaking to Al-Mayadeen News, an Iran-aligned Lebanese news outlet, Abolfazl Amoui, spokesperson for Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said that Tehran has prepared to use weapons it has not previously deployed ever since it launched a fresh aggression against Israel. “We will confront any Israeli aggression and respond to it. We are ready to use weapons that we have not used before. We have plans for all scenarios and we call on the Zionists to act rationally,” said Amoui.

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