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Israel expanding ground operations, Gaza loses communication

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is expanding ground operations in Gaza in continuation of the offensive carried out in the last few days, said IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari.

Israel says its troops and tanks remain on the ground in Gaza after launching a major incursion to fight Hamas.

The IDF said that it has killed Hamas Naval commander Abu Sahiban and aerial commander Abu Rakbeh in an overnight attack.

The IDF said that Sahiban had planned and executed Hamas infiltration by sea which was foiled by the military.

With the killing of aerial Chief Abu Rakbeh and Naval Commander Abu Sahiban, the IDF seems to be focusing on its targets.

Halagary had told media persons that the army has advanced into the Gaza Strip and may step up its operations.

The IDF has said that it had destroyed 140 underground structures of Hamas on Friday and Saturday.

Communication networks in Gaza went down on Friday evening, resulting in a lack of information in and out of Gaza.

According to Hagari, lorries with food and aid would be delivered to people in southern areas of Gaza, BBC reported.

Earlier, the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a resolution calling for a humanitarian truce in Gaza

Palestinian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Ishaq Sidr confirmed an almost complete interruption of internet and telecommunication in Gaza amid the Israeli strikes, as two communications towers in Gaza had come under the attacks.

Xinhua correspondents stationed in Gaza, after regaining network, said intensified Israeli air strikes in northern and central Gaza were lightening up the night sky amid a blackout.

In a statement, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society said it lost mobile and internet contact with operation rooms in Gaza, expressing grave concern about whether local crews could continue ambulance services.

Meanwhile, armed Palestinian factions fired rockets at Israeli cities in retaliation, according to Israeli media reports.

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