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Israeli forces take ‘operational control’ of Gaza side of Rafah crossing as ceasefire talks continue

Jerusalem: The Israeli military has said it has established “operational control” over the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing in the south after it launched its highly-criticised offensive despite international alarm. The Israeli military said it was carrying out “targeted strikes” in eastern Rafah on late Monday, after which it claimed to kill 20 Hamas militants discovered three tunnel shafts, even as ceasefire negotiations continue.

The Israeli 401st Brigade entered the Rafah crossing early Tuesday morning, the Israeli military said, taking “operational control” of the crucial crossing for both aid and those able to flee into Egypt. The Israeli military claimed it seized the crossing after receiving intelligence it was “being used for terrorist purposes, albeit without providing evidence. The military alleged the crossing had been used to launch a mortar attack last week that killed four Israeli soldiers.

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