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Madonna was working with Katy Perry in studio ‘hours before’ health scare

Los Angeles, July 1
Pop icon Madonna was said to be working with another pop icon on a secret project ahead of collapse and intensive care stay during the week.

It has emerged that following the news of Madonna’s “serious bacterial infection,” which led to the singer postponing her 84-date Celebration tour, she was said to be busy working on new music, reports

The ‘Material Girl’ singer was working with another pop legend Katy Perry, who is known for her hits like ‘Firework’ and ‘Teenage Dream’.

To mark Madonna’s 40th year in the music industry, she was said to be working on a special project, with her even enlisting the help of Katy.

Speaking to The Sun, a source revealed Madonna had admired Katy for a long time, with them having worked together in the past but never managing “to actually put anything out.”

As per, just hours before being rushed to hospital, Madonna and Katy were closer than ever to putting out music together. Working in the studio while feeling poorly, Madonna was supposedly in the studio with the California Gurls songstress before being taken to ICU after being found unresponsive.

Detailing how committed Madonna had been to making sure her music and tour were “second to none”, the source then revealed that she was in the studio shortly before her health scare. “Obviously everything has been put on hold now but the fact she was in the studio with Katy just hours before being rushed to the ICU shows how determined she was to push ahead despite feeling unwell,” the source explained.

This comes after a close pal of the Queen of Pop revealed to Page Six that Madonna has been “constantly pushing herself.” “She is the one constantly pushing herself, but she has to realise that,” the source told the outlet, adding: “while she is as good as the people she is working with, many of them are a fraction of her age and without her history of injuries.”

They then noted that “other acts” who are older than Madonna are still touring and “on the road”, but added how “they aren’t dancing and performing like she does.”

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