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Monsoon hair care routine

Managing and maintaining healthy tresses can be a constant struggle. A simple rule of thumb that we tend to overlook with regards to hair care is that a healthy mane begins with a healthy scalp. While skin care and the multiple layered routine is all the rage, we must follow a basic step by step routine to ensure a clean scalp that translates into a lustrous mane! Scalp care is definitely the new skincare and with the start of Monsoon rains, and the range of problems that this weather brings, following the right scalp care routine is the urgent need of the hour.

Sebastian and System Professional bring you the ideal set of products to complete your hair care routine from start to finish, giving you a squeaky-clean scalp and frizz free, lustrous hair all through the season!

Step 1: Pre wash

Ideal for the scalp, the Pre-Shampoo Clay by System Professional helps to detoxify the scalp by absorbing impurities and sebum build-up and leaving you with a clean refreshed scalp.

Price: Rs 3,000/- for 200ml

Step 2: Shampoo

The Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight shampoo cleanses the hair while adding natural body and shine, without weighing down. Infused with a special blend of Jojoba and Argan oils , this shampoo is suitable for all hair types and leaves the hair up to 3 times smoother and shinier.

Price Rs 1,600/- for 250ml

Step 3: Condition

The Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight conditioner is infused with a special blend of oils and works well to smoothen and detangle the hair whilst keeping it lightweight and full of body. The conditioner is suitable for all hair types.

Price: Rs 1,900/- for 250ml

Step 4: Hair Masking

The Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Mask: is a deeply nourishing mask that is made with a special blend of Jojoba and Argan Oils. This mask makes the hair silky smooth and shiny while maintaining its natural texture.

Price: Rs 1,900/- for 150ml

Step 5: Replenish your scalp

The Scalp Fluid by System Professional helps to protect your scalp from pollution and provides a gentle, cool and refreshing feel. Made with 95 percent natural origin ingredients, the fluid has a calming effect on an itchy, dry and red scalp. It also helps to protect the scalp from free radicals, leaving it well nourished. Made with niacinamide, the Scalp Fluid has anti-inflammatory properties. Use this Scalp fluid right after your hair is patted dry. 

Price: Rs 2,300/- for 125ml

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