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NatGeo rolls out 5 Earth Day videos to inspire people to become changemakers

New Delhi, April 22: In less than 50 years, our planet has lost 69 per cent of its wildlife population. To highlight this loss, and celebrate Earth Day, National Geographic India is back with its ‘One For Change’ initiative, which is now in its third season.

The brand initiative, according to a press statement issued by the channel, advocates for positive environmental impact through small individual actions, highlighting how just one small act by everyone can have an enormous impact.

As a part of this initiative, National Geographic India is presenting five narratives emphasising the need for change in our lives from the animal kingdom’s perspective. These videos highlight the struggles of wildlife species against deforestation, climate change, plastic pollution, water scarcity and air pollution.

Each video raises awareness about pressing global issues, such as the staggering amount of plastic in our oceans, the loss of millions of hectares of forests, the melting of trillion tons of ice, droughts and the deteriorating air quality around the world.

The idea behind these films is “to take viewers on an emotional journey, inspiring them to act now and adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives”.

In the previous seasons of ‘One For Change’, the channel focused on inspiring stories of real-life changemakers to educate people about how one change can create a big impact. This season, National Geographic India is urging people to work for change towards a greener planet by putting into practice in their daily lives a series of 30 sustainability tips that are being shared on the channel’s social media platforms.

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