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Ontario’s Historic Expansion of Primary Care Teams

Province’s investment in primary care will connect people to health care providers, ensuring they get the services they need, when they need.

As part of the province’s ongoing efforts to growing and improving health care services in our
community, Ontario has provided WellFort Community Health Services with the funding they need to
expand their organization to include a new site. With successful site locations currently in Brampton
Centre and Mississauga, they will receive support in the amount of $2,354,360.
Once completed, this new site will provide an array of services from mental health care, diabetic care,
dental care, along with additional health programs centered towards both adults and youth. As a part of
Ontario’s goal to connect people to primary care, this record investment of $90 million dollars towards
78 new and expanded interprofessional primary care teams, shows our government’s commitment to
connecting people to primary health care. As a result, closing the gap between those unable to directly
contact with health care providers.
“This investment into our healthcare is exactly what our community needs,” said Charmaine Williams,
MPP for Brampton Centre and Minister of Women’s Social and Economic Opportunity. “By prioritizing
primary care, our government is getting to the root of health care needs for individuals and families
across our province.”
Furthermore, Dawn Gallagher Murphy, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and MPP of
Newmarket-Aurora mentions, “This important investment will help connect more residents in the Region
of Peel to primary care. By expanding multidisciplinary teams who come together to plan and
coordinate people’s care, our government is helping ensure better health outcomes for all Ontarians.”
In addition, Homeless Health Peel will receive an investment of $1,678,210, which will provide
adequate funding towards specialized nurses dedicated to helping individuals facing homelessness.
Ontario is working tirelessly to minimize any barriers impacting people’s ability to connect with care
providers, including lowering wait times, equipping Pharmacies and clinics so that they can provide
additional services, and investing in over 400 new primary care providers to connect hundreds of
thousands of people to health care.

Highlights of the project include:
WellFort Community Health Services to receive funding of $2,354,360 for new site.
WellFort Community Health Services will affect several other programs that work in partnership with
them namely: Bramalea Community Health Centre Diabetes Education Program, Bloom Clinic, Health
n’ Smiles and Four Corners Health Centre, Central Brampton Family Health Team, Canadian Mental
Health Association-Peel Dufferin, North Peel Family Health Team, Alliance for Healthier Communities
HCC Ontario, and Central West Ontario Health Team.
Homeless Health Peel is to receive funding in the amount $1,678,210.
Quick Facts:
 While Ontario leads the country with 90 per cent of people connecting to a regular health care
provider, we know we can do better.
 Since 2018, we have registered 10,400 new physicians in Ontario, including an 8.1% increase in
family doctors, but we know more needs to be done.
 Just one year after our government’s launched our Your Health Plan, we’re making steady
progress to connect more people to convenient care.
 The new and expanded teams will include Family Health Teams, Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics,
Community Health Centres, and Indigenous Primary Health Care Organizations
 Our government continues to work to ensure everyone that wants a primary care provider can
connect to one.
 Our record investment of $110 million will create 78 new and expanded interprofessional
primary care teams and add over 400 new primary care providers to help close the gap in
accessing primary care.
 We are connecting to 328,000 more Ontarians to an interprofessional primary care team.
 The new and expanded teams will include Family Health Teams, Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics,
Community Health Centres, and Indigenous Primary Health Care Organizations.
 While the Liberals, propped up by the NDP, cut residency school spots and limited the number of
physicians practicing in interdisciplinary teams, our government had added 10,400 physicians
since 2018.
 Our plan has invested nearly $1 billion into interdisciplinary primary care teams annually.
 Ministry of Health modelling shows that these initiatives will help connect up to 98% of Ontarians
to primary care in the coming years.
 In Ontario we have a plan and it’s working.

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