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PM Trudeau’s Leadership Hurting Canada’s Global Reputation, Claims Marc Garneau in Autobiography

Former foreign affairs minister Marc Garneau argues that Canada has seen a decline in its international reputation under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In his autobiography, “A Most Extraordinary Ride: Space, Politics and the Pursuit of a Canadian Dream,” set for release in October by Signal, Garneau describes Trudeau as an unprepared leader who favors political grandstanding over substantive action.

Garneau, who served as foreign affairs minister for nine months before being removed from the cabinet post-2021 election, writes that Trudeau has overestimated Canada’s influence on the global stage. He further critiques Trudeau’s leadership style, stating that the Prime Minister often makes significant announcements without adequate follow-through.

The book also delves into Garneau’s career before politics, including his time in the military and his achievements as an astronaut. The final third of the book covers his political journey, including his tenure as a Member of Parliament and his brief bid for party leadership in 2013, where he eventually supported Trudeau.

Garneau’s political career includes being elected as the Liberal MP for the Montreal riding of Westmount-Ville Marie in 2008, a riding later renamed Notre-Dame-de-Grace-Westmount after the 2015 boundary changes. Despite his long service in Trudeau’s cabinet, primarily as the minister of transport, Garneau admits to being blindsided by his removal from the foreign affairs ministry, a decision Trudeau never explained.

Garneau’s reflections provide a critical insider perspective on the current Canadian administration and its impact on the country’s global standing.



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