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Priyanka Chopra felt like a ‘doormat’ in relationships before meeting hubby Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra has opened up about her previous relationships in the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. Chopra revealed that before she met her husband Nick Jonas, most of the men she had dated made her think of herself as a ‘doormat’. Priyanka married Nick in 2018 after a year of a whirlwind romance. 

During the podcast, the actress was asked if she had any pattern while choosing her romantic partner. The actor called herself a ‘monogamist’ and said, “I went from relationship to relationship to relationship. I did not give myself time at all between relationships, till my last one. I always ended up dating the actors that I worked with or the people that I met on my set. I just thought I had an idea of what a relationship should be like, and I kept seeking that and trying to fit the people that came into my life into my idea of that relationship.”

Priyanka revealed she decided to give herself some time from her last relationship before she met Nick Jonas. She wanted to reflect on why she was making the same mistakes in every relationship. 

The biggest mistake she thinks she was making was considering herself a ‘caretaker’ and putting her man’s needs, his job before her.

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