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Shahbad Dairy murder: ‘Girl’s skull broken into pieces’, reveals autopsy report 

The autopsy report of the 16-year-old Sakshi, who was stabbed 34 times, kicked multiple times, and struck with a cemented stone six times by Mohammad Sahil Khan here in the Shahbad Dairy area on May 28, revealed that her skull was broken into pieces and due to multiple stabbing by knife, her intestines also came out of the body, a source said on Sunday.

According to sources, there were 16 deep wounds in Sakshi’s body, with excessive bleeding leading to her death.

“A total of 11 wounds were detected on her vital organs and that caused her death. Her left lung was punctured due to stabbing and her intestines were protruding from the body. There was a deep wound below the abdomen,” claimed sources.

In the bone-chilling CCTV footage which captured the crime, Sahil, who is wearing a blue t-shirt, can be seen stabbing the girl. Around seven to eight bystanders were also present when he stabbed her.

A man wearing a dark red-coloured shirt attempts to intervene, but Sahil pushes him away.

In the video, Sahil continues to stab the girl while also issuing threats to the bystanders, causing them to disperse.

After stabbing her, Sahil proceeds to kick the girl multiple times and then strikes her with a boulder five times.

He then briefly leaves the scene but returns shortly. He strikes the girl with the boulder once again, kicks her multiple times, and then finally departs.

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