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Stormy Daniels Vs Donald Trump: TOP revelations made by adult star against ex-US President

Adult star Stormy Daniels took the witness stand on Tuesday at Donald Trump’s hush money trial, describing for jurors a sexual encounter the porn actor says she had with him in 2006 that resulted in her being paid off to keep silent during the presidential race 10 years later.

Jurors appeared riveted as Daniels, over the repeated objections of defence lawyers and occasional admonitions from the judge, offered a detailed and at times graphic account of an encounter Trump has denied. Trump stared straight ahead as Daniels entered the courtroom, later shaking his head and whispering to his lawyers as she testified.

Here are top revelations by Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump:

Daniels testified that she ended up having sex with Trump on the bed of his hotel suite.
Asked if Trump used a condom during the encounter, Daniels said, “No.” Daniels said the encounter was “brief” and when it ended she was shaking.
Daniels testified that, after a while, she had to use the bathroom. When she was finished, she said, she found Trump sitting on the bed wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt. “When I exited, he was up on the bed, like this,” Daniels testified, feigning reclining with her knees up on the witness stand.
“He said, ‘Oh it was great, let’s get together again honey bunch,’” Daniels continued. “I just wanted to leave.”
Before they had sex, Daniels said Trump was between her and the door. She said she didn’t feel physically or verbally threatened, though she knew his bodyguard was outside the suite and there was what she perceived to be an imbalance of power: Trump “was bigger and blocking the way,” she testified. “The next thing I know was: I was on the bed,” Daniels recalled.

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