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Taliban supports Musk’s Twitter over Zuckerberg’s Threads

The Taliban has come out in support of Elon Musk-run Twitter over Mark Zuckerberg-run Threads on Instagram, saying other platforms cannot replace the original micro-blogging platform.

Anas Haqqani, a Taliban thought-leader with family connections to the leadership, officially endorsed Twitter over Meta’s Threads that has crossed 100 million users within a week of its launch.

“Twitter has two important advantages over other social media platforms. The first privilege is the freedom of speech. The second privilege is the public nature and credibility of Twitter,” Haqqani posted.

He said that Twitter doesn’t have an intolerant policy like Meta.

“Other platforms cannot replace it,” added the senior member of the Taliban.

A Twitter user posted: “What has it come to, even Taliban endorsing Twitter”.

According to reports, while Twitter has fallen out of favour with several prominent people, celebrities and advertising brands since Musk took over in October last year and made drastic changes, the Taliban seems to love it.

Two Taliban officials even bought blue verification check marks after Musk started selling them in January this year for $8 a month, reports Vice.

The Taliban is very aggressive about using social media platforms to push its message across to its audience.

However, “Facebook and TikTok both view the Taliban as a terrorist organisation and disallow them from posting. It’s a ban that persists to this day”, the report mentioned.

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