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The City of Brampton launches two new projects empowering residents to make an impact within the city

 the City of Brampton launched its Neighbourhood Association Guide and the first phase of its GeoHub Neighbourhood Profiles project.

The Neighbourhood Association Guide is a resource designed to empower and connect residents. The guide will serve as a tool for residents wanting to make a positive impact in their neighbourhood.

The City’s Community Safety & Well-Being Office (CSWO) hosted a Community Leaders Workshop with over 40 participants including neighbourhood association leaders, Brampton volunteers, members of Brampton City Council, members of the Brampton Community Safety Advisory Committee, and others.

The participants of the workshop played a prominent role in finalizing the guide as they provided feedback on the draft guide, including over 200 comments and suggestions.

In the guide, residents will find tips and tools on how to take action to enhance safety, connectedness, belonging, and well-being. It equips residents with resources essential for fostering a proactive approach towards neighbourhood development and creating Neighbourhood Action Plans. 

The Guide provides information on the following:

  • Brampton Neighbourhood Association Affiliation (i.e., benefits, requirements, and process of affiliation)
  • Resources for building Neighbourhood Action Plans
  • Potential beautification, connectedness, sense of belonging, and safety uses for the CSWO Nurtured Neighbourhood Grant (up to $1,500 per Affiliated Neighbourhood Association)

The first phase of the GeoHub Neighbourhood Profiles project, an initiative aimed at fostering community connectivity and promoting safety and well-being within the city, was also launched today.

Designed to meet the expressed needs of residents for enhanced connectedness and a deeper sense of belonging, the GeoHub Neighbourhood Profiles serves as a way for residents to discover and engage with the diverse assets nestled within their neighbourhood and throughout Brampton. 

It gives residents the ability to provide valuable input into their respective areas, actively contributing to their neighbourhood profile. Through this, residents will soon be able to play a role in highlighting the unique features and strengths of their communities.

Both the GeoHub Neighbourhood Profiles and Neighbourhood Association Guide are part of the Brampton Community Safety Action Plan and represent a significant step toward advancing inclusive, connected, and empowered communities in Brampton and aligns with the City’s commitment to fostering an environment where every resident feels safe, engaged, and connected to Brampton’s mosaic.

For more information about the Neighbourhood Association Guide and to explore the GeoHub Neighbourhood Profiles, please visit

“Fostering community connectivity and prioritizing safety and well-being within our city is fundamental to building a thriving and inclusive community. The Neighbourhood Association Guide and GeoHub Neighbourhood Profiles demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of our residents and empowering them to actively participate in the future of our city.”

  • Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“The Neighbourhood Association Guide was created to help empower the residents of Brampton to make an impact within their own community. Listening to our residents needs and highlighting what matters to them is so important in creating an inclusive community and a community embracing the needs and wants of residents. I am excited to see what our residents come up with and look forward to telling the stories of the hidden gems in Brampton neighbourhoods.”

  • Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5; Chair, Community Services, City of Brampton

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