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Amazon’s British Columbia Sites Shine a Light on Inclusivity and Embraces Cultural Diversity for Diwali

How Amazon’s Diwali Spirit Transforms Workplaces

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Amazon’s four local fulfillment centers have become beacons of cultural inclusivity, including for employees of South East Asian descent. These sites celebrate a plethora of languages, including English, Punjabi, Tagalog, Farsi, Hindi, Mandarin, and more, creating a vibrant multicultural environment.

Diwali Celebrations: A Festival of Unity Across Four Sites

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, has been a significant event for Amazon employees of the South East Asian community. The festival’s celebration showcases Amazon’s dedication to honoring the diversity of its employees. Amazon’s culture of inclusion is reinforced within the company’s 16 Leadership Principles, which remind team members to seek diverse perspectives, learn, be curious, and earn trust.

Vancouver-based fulfilment center employee, Ash Rastogi, shares their experience: “Participating in the Diwali celebrations made me feel truly valued and included. It’s not just about the fun activities; it’s about feeling recognized and respected for who we are. Amazon has created an environment where diversity is a part of the workplace, and that’s something special.”

A Vancouver site leader, Sharath Nair, reflects on the festivities: “Seeing our employees from various backgrounds come together for Diwali has been an incredibly heartwarming experience. It’s more than a celebration; it’s a powerful expression of our inclusive culture at Amazon. As a site leader, witnessing the joy and unity this event brings is profoundly fulfilling.”

Festive Activities: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Starting November 12th, Amazon’s Vancouver sites were abuzz with activities including a dance competition, Rangoli designs contest, and personalized Diwali postcards for each employee. The celebrations included traditional snacks, and games, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and team spirit.

English for Speakers of Other Languages Program at Richmond, BC: Breaking Language Barriers

At their Richmond site, the English for Speakers of Other Languages program includes Punjabi, and supports candidates with limited English proficiency and helps them to learn the language for career success. Our goal is to meet individual learners where they are on their educational journey through a variety of education and skills training opportunities like this and our Career Choice Program, which is an education benefit for eligible employees that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success.

Amazon exemplifies how a workplace can be a mosaic of different cultures and languages, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity. The extensive Diwali celebrations and the English for Speakers of Other Languages program highlight Amazon’s commitment to creating a workplace that not only respects but embraces cultural diversity, setting a benchmark for inclusivity and unity.

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