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Amit Shah addresses media on new criminal laws: ‘Instead of ‘dand’, it’s now ‘nyay”

New criminal laws: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said that the new criminal laws are victim and justice-oriented. Addressing a press conference, he said that extended his congratulations to the nation, highlighting that approximately 77 years after gaining independence, the criminal justice system is now fully ‘Swadeshi,’ operating on Indian values. He emphasised that after 75 years, the colonial laws have been replaced with new laws enacted by the Indian Parliament, which came into effect on Monday, July 1.

“Instead of ‘dand’, it is now ‘nyay’. Instead of delay, there will be speedy trial and speedy justice. Earlier, only the rights of the Police were protected but now, rights of vicitms and complainants will be protected too,” Shah added.



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