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Ayurveda tips to keep your kidneys healthy & strengthen renal system

It might be scary to get diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or worse, kidney failure. However, experts suggest that if you find the disease in its early stages, certain steps can be taken to prolong kidney function. According to an estimate, nearly 850 million individuals worldwide are estimated to have kidney diseases due to several causes. The two main causes of kidney failure are diabetes and blood pressure.

Although renal transplants and kidney dialysis are the two most common treatment options for kidney failure or chronic kidney disease, they have their own side effects. The kidney may get rejected by the patient’s body during a transplant or there may be chances of infection during dialysis. When it comes to natural and safe treatment for kidney diseases, Ayurveda has always been an exceptional way.

Here are some Ayurveda tips to keep your kidneys healthy and rejuvenate as well as strengthen the renal system:

Stay hydrated: You can significantly lower your chances of developing kidney disease by consuming plenty of fluids as it can help kidneys in clearing sodium, urea, and toxins from the body. At the same time, it is crucial to avoid excessive consumption of fluids as it can cause side effects, forcing the kidneys to over-function filtering the excess toxins. You can maintain a healthy fluid intake of at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Kidney detox: According to Ayurveda, periodic cleansing of kidneys can be done with the help of certain powerful Ayurvedic herbs. Diuretic herbs like Parsley, Gokshur, Varuna, Punarnava, and Celery aid in flushing out the kidneys and urinary tract, while reducing toxin levels in the body. You can also consume herbal tea by boiling any of these herbs in 2 cups of water and steeping for 15 minutes.

Follow a balanced and nutritious diet: To ensure that your kidneys are in good health, and you maintain an ideal body weight, you should follow a balanced and nutritious diet comprising of fibrous fruits and vegetables. In addition, avoid processed or fast food and reduce your salt intake. Instead of a high-protein diet, opting for a low-calorie diet would be wise as the former could increase the burden on kidneys. Consuming superfoods like grapes, apples, blueberries, garlic, and cabbage would also ensure healthy kidneys. To remove toxins and prevent the formation of kidney stones, amla juice is strongly recommended.

Control blood pressure & sugar levels: High blood pressure, along with diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases, raises the chances of kidney damage. Only a few people are aware that high blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney damage, as it is mostly linked to a stroke or heart attack. Regular check-ups to understand or know the status of your kidneys can help in preventing or reducing the chances of kidney damage.

Ayurveda has been found to be an exceptional way to promote kidney health in the long run as it naturally treats the doshas (imbalances) in the body. For instance, Ayurvedic herbs and treatment fixes the imbalance of pitta (fire energy) levels in the body, and heals the kidneys in a natural way, as opposed to allopathy medicines which have several side effects. In some cases, Ayurveda treatment has also enabled kidney patients to stop dialysis.

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