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US President ‘respects’ allies: White House defends Biden’s ‘xenophobia’ remarks on India, China and Japan

Washington: The White House on Thursday defended US President Joe Biden’s ‘xenophobia’ comments on India, China and Japan, saying that he was making a broader comment on immigrants make a country stronger and that America’s allies and partners were well aware of how much the President respects them. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asserted that the US has a strong relationship with India and Japan.

“Our allies and partners know very well how much this President respects them…He was making a broad comment speaking about this country is speaking about how important it is to be a country of immigrants and how it makes our country stronger,” said Jean-Pierre during a regular press briefing on Thursday. This came after Biden implied that two of its QUAD members – India and Japan – along with China and Russia do not welcome immigrants.

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