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BJP, Congress MLAs have assets worth Rs 16,234 cr, Rs 15,798 cr respectively: Report

Among the 4,001 MLAs across the country, 1,356 of BJP own assets worth Rs 16,234 crore followed by 719 Congress legislators with Rs 15,798 crore, a report claimed on Tuesday.

According to a report released by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and the National Election Watch (NEW),  the total assets of 4,001
MLAs across the country is worth Rs 54,545 crore. 

The report claimed that the total assets for 1,356 BJP MLAs analysed is Rs 16,234 crore, for 719 Congress MLAs it is Rs 15,798 crore.

Besides the BJP and the Congress MLAs, the report said that 146 YSRCP MLAs have assets worth Rs 3,379 crore, while 131 DMK MLAs have assets worth Rs 1,663 crore.

The report also said that 161 AAP MLAs have total assets worth Rs 1,642 crore.

The report also highlighted that the total assets of BJP and Congress sitting MLAs are Rs 16,234 crore and Rs 15,798 crore, respectively, which
add up to Rs 32,032 crore or 58.73 per cent of the total assets of Rs 54,545 crores pertaining to the sitting MLAs of 84 political parties and
Independent MLAs.

The amount of total assets of sitting BJP and Congress MLAs are larger than the 2023-24 annual budgets of Mizoram Rs 14,210 crore and Sikkim Rs 11,807 crore, respectively.

The report was released after analysing the self-sworn affidavits of sitting MLAs in State Assemblies and Union Territories across the nation.

The data has been extracted from affidavits filed by the MLAs prior to contesting their last elections.

It said that a total of 4,001 MLAs out of 4,033 have been analysed across 28 State Assemblies and two Union Territories. This report covers 4001
sitting MLAs belonging to 84 political parties and Independent MLAs.

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