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Candidate Ana Bailão Announces Details On Plan To Support Vulnerable Residents

This morning Ana Bailão announced details on her plan to support vulnerable residents in Toronto by taking a housing-first approach and providing mental health and wraparound services. 

Ana made the announcement from the site of 44 modular housing apartments, that she was able to build in just 6 short months in 2021. The supportive housing was quickly built to provide residents who had been living outside with safe and secure housing while she was the local City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. 

Ana announced that as Mayor she would:

  • Double the number of modular homes built in Toronto to create long-term pathways out of homelessness with a goal of 1,000 new homes by 2031;
  • Invest $5 million dollars to take a housing-first approach to move vulnerable residents living outside into long-term pathways out of homelessness;
  • Expand the Toronto Community Crisis Service, which provides trained mental health professionals as an alternate response to police for people in crisis, to cover 100% of the City;
  • Bring mobile mental health clinics, providing access to case workers and registered nurses, to areas of the City -including the TTC- that need it most;
  • Direct $5 million to rental assistance for women and gender-diverse people escaping domestic violence to receive immediate safe and secure housing;
  • Hold the federal government accountable for their financial responsibility to support refugees and newcomers in Toronto, who currently comprise 30% of all shelter occupants in Toronto; and
  • Hold the provincial government accountable for their responsibilities on healthcare, including mental healthcare, for vulnerable residents who need wraparound services to thrive and remain housed.

Speaking to her announcement, Ana said “Housing is more than four walls and a roof – it is foundational for a good life, it provides safety, security, and dignity for those who have it. As Mayor, I will take a housing-first approach to support our most vulnerable residents, and push for greater access to mental health and wraparound supports for those in need.”

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