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CIF strongly condemns the tableau glorifying Assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

Canada India Foundation expressed strong condemnation of the inclusion of a tableau in the recent 5-Kilometer-long Parade in Brampton, Ontario, held on June 04, glorifying the assassination of Indian former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.

CIF Chair Mr. Satish Thakkar said that portrayal of the assassination in the tableau, besides being a hate crime, celebrated an act of terrorism against the democratically elected leader of a country that has been the place of origin for nearly two million law-abiding Indo-Canadians. He said that continuation of such acts will reflect poorly on Canada in the world stage, besides negatively impacting the potential for strengthened relations between Canada and India. 

CIF expressed its support for the statement made by the Canadian High Commissioner in India, H.E. Cameron Mackay, who said in a tweet, “I am appalled by reports of an event in Canada that celebrated the assassination of late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. There is no place in Canada for hate or for the glorification of violence. I categorically condemn these activities.”

Prominent Canadian Member of Parliament, Mr. Chandra Arya, also condemned the act and said, “Khalistan supporters in Canada have reached new low with a despicable float in a recent Brampton parade. The float celebrated the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with her cutout in white saree soaked in blood and cutouts of her bodyguard turned killers brandishing and pointing guns. This is not what our country Canada stands for. Tolerating glorification of violence and public promotion of hate goes against everything our country believes in. Khalistan supporters have crossed a line and Canada should and must respond.”

Mr. Ritesh Malik, National Convener said that “Violence, extremism and acts of terrorism need to be condemned by one and all, not glorified as achievements by any civilized society. Anyone and everyone supporting such ideologies or staying silent is equally responsible for ruining future of Canadians. Air India bombing and killing of Indian PM cannot be justified by any reason and has left unhealed scars on both countries & many communities. Negativity of any form cannot be celebrated. It’s duty of every Canadian to stand and speak up. Canada is known for its multiculturalism, tolerance, and freedom of speech but freedom of speech comes with lot of responsibility & accountability towards society. CIF for the last decade and half has been working tirelessly to promote bilateral ties between both countries and such ideologies and incidences ruin all the hard work on both sides.”

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