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City of Brampton parks e-scooters for the season; pilot’s first year a success

 Following a successful inaugural year of Brampton’s first-ever Shared E-scooter Pilot Program and a first for the GTA, e-scooters have been stored for the winter season.  

The pilot program has exceeded expectations of ridership and has seen significant positive community feedback. Since April, residents and visitors alike have embraced the convenience and eco-friendly nature of the e-scooter initiative, contributing to the program’s overall success.  

Brampton partnered with Neuron Mobility, Bird Canada and Scooty Mobility, to provide up to 750 scooters for public use.  

This pilot aims to: 

  • increase sustainable transportation options,
  • address public transit needs,
  • reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,
  • support active transportation,
  • improve road safety, and
  • support the local economy. 

The City of Brampton remains committed to prioritizing active transportation programs and plans to build more connected communities and create a robust active transportation network.  

The City will resume the Shared E-scooter Pilot Program next spring with e-scooters available to use starting in April 2024.  

Key successes of the Shared E-scooter Pilot Program for 2023

  • Approximately 200,000 trips taken,
  • Approximately 110,000 riders,
  • Over 415,000 kilometres travelled,
  • Upwards of 6,000 litres of gasoline saved from e-scooter trips, and
  • Approximately 14 tons of carbon emissions saved. 

About Brampton’s Shared E-scooter Pilot Program

During the extent of the pilot, City staff will closely monitor the program and make adjustments as appropriate to support the safety and well-being of all users of the roads. A procurement process issued by the City in June 2022 selected three shared e-scooter operators as partners for the pilot program for a trial period. Once the pilot project is complete, the summary recommendation will be brought to Brampton City Council for evaluation, and a decision will be made on whether to make the program permanent. 

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“We are delighted with the positive response our Shared E-scooter Pilot Program received during its inaugural year, with 200,000 trips taken since the spring. As winter approaches, e-scooters have been put into storage and will return in the spring for another great season. We look forward to continuing to work with our vendor partners and hearing from residents how we can make this eco-friendly and accessible mode of transportation an even better success.”

  • Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton
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