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P Diddy sued by 4th woman for alleged sexual assault

Another woman has filed a lawsuit against rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs for sexual assault. This is Combs’ fourth sexual assault lawsuit in three weeks.

The woman, known as Jane Doe, claims in her lawsuit that in 2003 she was “sex trafficked” and “gang raped” by Combs; Harve Pierre, the then-president of Bad Boy Records; and a third unnamed person, reports

She was 17 years old at the time. Combs has posted a statement on social media about the various allegations against him. “Enough is enough. For the last couple of weeks, I have sat silently and watched people try to assassinate my character, destroy my reputation, and my legacy,” he said, “Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday. Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family, and for the truth.”

In documents obtained by, the lawsuit alleges that Jane Doe met the men in a lounge near Detroit, Michigan. Reportedly Combs “convinced” the woman to accompany them on a private jet to New York City.

They allegedly flew to Teterboro, New Jersey, and were driven to Diddy’s House Recording Studio, owned and operated by Combs and his company Bad Boy Records.

As per, throughout the night the alleged victim was given drugs and alcohol where the suit states she was “more and more inebriated, eventually to the point that she could not possibly have consented to having sex with anyone, much less someone twice her age.”

In the suit, Jane Doe provided photos of her and Combs in his studio during the night of the alleged assault. The suit claims that while in the studio she was raped by the three men and forced to give Pierre oral sex. She then reportedly was taken back to the airport and put on a plane back to Michigan.

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