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‘Congress backing terrorist Ajmal Kasab’, PM Modi says party’s ‘B Team’ has become active across the border

Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), May 7: Lashing out at the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the grand old party is backing Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab now, adding its ‘B Team’ across the border has become active since the ‘Team A’ was staring at defeat in the Parliamentary elections.

Speaking at a rally here, PM Modi said that the statement of a Congress leader (Vijay Wadettiwar) in Maharashtra regarding the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks was “very dangerous”.

“These Congressmen are now together taking the side of the terrorist Ajmal Kasab. The person who was a Minister during the Congress regime and a close friend of the family has also declared Kasab innocent. This is an insult to all the innocent civilians killed in the Mumbai attacks… this is an insult to all the security forces who killed all the terrorists in the Mumbai attacks. Also, this is an insult to martyrs like Shaheed Tukaram Omble,” PM Modi said while addressing the rally to garner support for BJP candidate Sujay Vikhe-Patil from Ahmednagar and Shiv Sena candidate Sadashiv Lokhande from Shirdi constituency.

PM Modi said that tweets are being made from across the border to encourage the Congress, and in return, the Congress is giving clean chit to Pakistan over terror attacks.

PM Modi said that the Congress’ election manifesto carries an imprint of the ‘Muslim League’.

“You see for yourself the difference between issues and the agenda of the NDA and the Congress. Our focus is on the development, welfare, security, safety and dignity of Bharat. On the other hand, the Congress doesn’t have anything even to discuss over these issues,” PM Modi said.

Addressing the rally, PM Modi also said that the expiry date of INDI-Aghadi (INDIA bloc) is fixed on June 4, adding the alliance will disintegrate like a sand dune.

“INDI-Aghadi’s tactics have failed before the public, and the very frustration emanating from this can be seen across the border too! None of the tactics of the INDI-Aghadi are working among the public. ‘Team A’ here is losing, so the ‘Team B’ of Congress across the border has become active.

“The third phase of voting has made it clear that the expiry date of ‘INDI-Aghadi’ has been fixed on June 4. After that there will be no one to carry the flag of INDIA bloc,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister said that this time, the election is taking place between satisfaction and appeasement.

“BJP-NDA’s entire effort is to satisfy the people of the country with their hard work, whereas the INDI-Aghadi people are busy appeasing their vote bank with their conspiracies,” PM Modi said.

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