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PM Modi punctures Rahul Gandhi’s ‘violent Hindu’ remark with Swami Vivekanand reference

New Delhi, July 2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, replying to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address on Tuesday, took strong objection to the portrayal of Hindus as a “violent community” by the Congress and said that such adventurism will go down in the history as a blot on part of the grand old party. Lamenting Monday’s proceedings in the Lower House as ‘Balak Vilaap’, the day when the Leader of the Opposition (LoP) Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the Centre, PM Modi said that a “fake conspiracy” and “narrative” was being hatched against the Hindus.

PM Modi, referring to Swami Vivekanand’s speech in Chicago (US), said that 131 years ago, the Indian icon told the global community that he comes from a religion that teaches tolerance but today, blatant “false” campaigns are underway to “undermine and sully” the community. Voicing strong concerns over Rahul Gandhi’s “violent Hindus” remark, PM Modi said that for centuries to come the country won’t forget and forgive such “grave adventurism”.

He also referred to the Congress leader’s “fight against Shakti” remark and stated that it is the same party which coined the term “Hindu terror”. In further takedown at the grand old party, PM Modi said, “Days ago, the party and its allies equated Hinduism with dengue and malaria. Today, the whole ecosystem has made it a fashion to mock Hinduism and the Hindu faith.”

Prime Minister, objecting to flaunting of posters of Hindu deities in the House, said that God’s every form is for paying obeisance and worshipping and not for serving personal interests. “Jinke darshan hote hain, unke pradarshan nahin hote (invisible God is not meant for brandishing),” PM Modi, referring to the incident when LoP Rahul Gandhi waved Lord Shiva posters while replying to the Motion of Thanks to President’s address in Lok Sabha. Prime Minister further said that the nation won’t forgive such an act of the Congress party and added, “The Hindu community will now have to think and judge, whether it was a coincidence or pre-meditated plan to target them.”



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