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Despite objections from opposition parties, POK becoming a part of India is a reality: Amit Shah

“Rahul Gandhi may oppose it. Mamta Banerjee can oppose this. But now it is reality that PoK will be part of India,” HM Shah said while addressing an election rally. HM Shah was in support of BJP candidate Kabir Shankar Bose in Serampore Lok Sabha constituency of Hooghly district on Wednesday. According to HM Shah, it is to the credit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that slogans of “Azadi” are now raised in PoK instead of Jammu and Kashmir. “Earlier slogans of independence were raised in Jammu and Kashmir.Now those slogans are being raised in PoK.

Earlier there used to be incidents of stone pelting in Jammu and Kashmir, those things are now happening in PoK. HM Shah said, therefore, no matter how much the opposition parties oppose it, no power can stop PoK from becoming a part of India. He said that the current Lok Sabha elections was a contest between dynastic parties on one side and dedicated and honest politicians coming from an ordinary background on the other side.

“Mamata Banerjee wants her nephew to become the Chief Minister after her. Shara Pawar wants to make his daughter the Chief Minister. Stalin also wants to see his son become the Chief Minister. The biggest thing is that Sonia Gandhi wants Rahul Baba to become the Prime Minister of the country. On the other hand, one born in a tea seller’s family is an honest and dedicated leader,” he said. HM Shah made a comparison between Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi. He said, “On one hand Rahul Gandhi frequently travels to Bangkok, on the other hand the Prime Minister celebrates his Diwali among the Indian Army soldiers and eats sweets with them.” Taking a dig at the Mamata Banerjee-led government, he referred to the famous Indian film, ‘Heerak Rajar Deshe (In the Land of the Diamond King)’ directed by iconic filmmaker late Satyajit Ray, which depicts the rise and fall of the government. An autocratic and oppressive ruler.



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