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Did Michael Jackson owe millions of debt at the time of his death?

It has been 15 years already since the King of Pop passed away and yet the singer is again making headlines but for all the wrong reasons. Th legendary singer who died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles at the age of 50, was over $500 million in debt, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

As per the reports, court filing by the executors of his estate provided some of the most complete details yet about the strained finances the singer was facing at the time of his death. As per the public accountant testifying, the Los Angeles Times reported that Michael Jackson spent lavishly on jewellery, art, furniture and gifts as well as travelled and donated money to charity.

Michael Jackson is one of the legendary music artists and people still groove to his songs to this day. Ultimately known as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson has influenced his fans, and other artists throughout many decades.

The artist has also had his fair share of ups and downs. Michael Jackson was accused of child sexual abuse. Despite a lack of evidence and the police never pressing any criminal charges, Michael Jackson still settled this case out of court and the investigation was closed.

The ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson’s biopic is in the works and the makers have finally given a green light on its release. The upcoming biopic titled Michael and directed by Antoine Fuqua is scheduled to release on April 18, 2025. The film will feature the late star’s nephew Jaafar Jackson, which will also be his debut in Hollywood.



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