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Downtown Brampton Joins Forces to Tackle Community Safety Challenges

 Downtown Brampton residents and stakeholders convened at Central Public School to address mounting safety concerns in the neighborhood. The meeting was convened at the request of former Councillor Gael Miles, who along with her fellow residents, witnessed a growing number of incidents impacting the area.

Over 40 residents attended, joined by representatives from Peel Police, Region of Peel Human Services, By-law Enforcement, City Security, the City’s Community Safety team, Welcoming Streets Outreach, Regeneration Outreach, Mayor Brown, Councillor Santos, Councillor Vicente, and their support teams.

Acknowledging the critical importance of community safety, all participants are committed to partnering with residents to develop and implement effective solutions. Mayor Brown, Councillor Santos, and Councillor Vicente, who are residents of the downtown area themselves, understand the daily challenges faced by the community and emphasize the need for collaborative efforts involving government bodies, community organizations, and individuals to address the issues of crime, addiction, mental health challenges, homelessness, and affordability.

Following the workshop, the Community Safety team will provide a comprehensive report to the Councillor offices. Here is a summary of the key outcomes from the workshop.

  • Auto Theft: Peel Police has taken action to combat auto theft, which is a growing problem in the region. The distribution of Faraday Pouches in hotspot areas is one measure to prevent electronic signal theft.
  • More Police Officers: A budget increase for 70 officers in Peel Police aims to improve response times and visibility. Resources will be provided as needed.
  • Road Safety: Efforts to improve road safety include road diets, speed bumps, and automated speed enforcement cameras. These measures have led to reduced average speeds in community safety zones.
  • Community Safety Office: A new Community Safety Office is working on short-term and long-term solutions. During the workshop, residents identified three major local issues:

1.    Crime and Crime Prevention: Peel Police emphasized the importance of reporting incidents and encouraged residents to engage with the Community Liaison Officer (CLO)

2.    Homelessness, Encampments, and Mental Health & Addictions: Residents called for increased support for the homeless, more police presence, improved response times, and enhanced communication on city programs and services.

3.    Property Standards and Rental Units, Neighbourhood Association: Concerns regarding abandoned homes, property care, parking, and neighborhood associations were addressed. The forthcoming Residential Rental Licensing program (RRL) and the Neighbourhood Association Guide are expected to provide solutions to these issues.

Brampton is committed to addressing the concerns raised by residents and is working collaboratively to make Downtown Brampton a safer and more vibrant community.

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