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Drew Barrymore’s stalker finally arrested after showing up uninvited to her farmhouse

Days after actress Drew Barrymore was freaked out by an alleged stalker while she was interviewing singer-actress Renee Rapp in a talk show, the man was arrested by the New York police when he showed up uninvited at her farm house.

As reported by TMZ, there is an “ongoing investigation” into the man who has been identified as Chad Michael Busto, who showed up uninvited on August 23 night at Drew’s Southampton farmhouse.

Busto was reportedly spotted going house-to-house in search of Drew’s $6 million property. After he found it, Busto walked onto some steps outside before police took him into custody. The actress was apparently not home at the time.

The man was first seen sitting in a crowd in the Talk show, where the actress was interviewing Rapp. Busto, who was in the packed crowd had said “Hello” to her, after which Barrymore also cheerfully said “Oh Hi!”

However, in an unexpected turn of events, both Drew Barrymore and Renee Rapp were caught by surprise and then visibly freaked out as Busto ran up to the stage and screamed at Drew: “You know who I am, I need to see you at some point.”

Soon after Chad Busto was quickly caught by the security guards and was escorted out of the venue, though he was not arrested and instead merely scolded and let out after a warning.

During the commotion, Drew and Renee held onto each other as they zipped offstage, only to return a short time later to finish their chat.

Following the 92nd Street Y encounter, some social-media users have alleged that Busto has been known to target other female celebrities, including Amber Heard, and is in fact a “dangerous serial stalker” with “mental instabilities”. How much of that is true is unknown, though Busto has been charged with serial stalking upon his arrest.

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