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A proudly Canadian company, Fruitsy, takes taste of Canadian fresh blueberries to India

Canadian company Fruitsy with a motto of Making World of Fruits available locally has exported fresh blueberries from Canada to India. Fruitsy is the first truly Canadian Brand to go from Farm to Fork in India. This was quite a challenging task as the harvest window is very short and the Canadian supply chain is not used to shipping fresh produce that far. Founders of Fruitsy Inc. – Vivek Dhume and Ritesh Malik have been working with their farming partners at Highland Fruit Packers who are boutique farming and packhouse operation for BC Blueberries – on working out all logistical challenges to make that happen. Fruitsy sent all shipments by Air across different markers in India to ensure fresh arrivals.

Fruitsy is very happy and proud to make Canadian blueberries available to Indian consumers. It is a very proud moment for Canadian farmers like Sunny Brar, Amrik and Gary in B.C. who never thought their product could go to their ancestral land. This partnership between Fruitsy & Highland along with other stakeholders have made this vision turn into reality with all partners committed on growing Brand Canada together.

Vivek and Ritesh at Fruitsy have this vision to create a Canadian Brand which caters to not just Canada, but the whole world as Brand Canada all over the world is synonymous with high quality and superior products. And any trade between India & Canada gives them far greater satisfaction as that brings people and countries closer. They are committed to bringing the best of both countries to people on both sides. Farmer/grower well-being and interest are of paramount importance to Fruitsy’s vision.

This is a great example of collaboration between companies and like minded people to benefit Canada & India. And this is just the beginning of many new exciting things ahead.

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